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LightGates EducationalTM is a complete suite of School Management System providing convenience to parents, teachers and administrators via smart devices – phones, tablet and PCs.

We work to make ICT results that expedite learning and speed up school activities; it is available to all schools. We are high tech partners to all schools; we bring ICT results that enable them wax swiftly and advantageously, while enhancing student’s development to ensure a devoted workable affiliation with all schools.

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Smart Features

Relevant features to help in the efficient management of the school system.

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Schoolpal Administrative Management

Administrative Management

Have an overview of student and staff activities, inventory and financial transactions, generate all reports instantly, from anywhere you are.

Schoolpal Teachers Management

Teachers Management

Monitor class activities, student’s attendance, assignments, and grading. Teaching has never been this stress-free!

Schoolpal Students Management

Students Management

Swift access to all and particular record, grades, schedules, parents information etc. for both current students and alumni.

Schoolpal Parents Management

Parents Management

Be actively involved and informed on your child’s academic progress. Effortlessly monitor and stay updated on their progress and involvement in school activities

Lightsgates Dashboard

LightGates Educational Dashboard


Online School Fees Payment


We made it simple and nice


Simple to use


Manage your school finance

Software Development

The best developers support 24/7


All in one management system


Pictorial representation of activities of your school

Learning Materials

Get access to online learning materials

Student Pickup

Best pickup strategy to ensure your child's safety

Best Experience

Well layout structures for best experience

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Digital School Management Systems E-Book

This book is useful for software developers seeking to create digital school management tools, corporate vendors integrating such systems for schools as well as school owners and educational consultants using the systems for administration of schools. All you need is the will to make your school standout; and we’ll show you how.

This book is a program manual developed to guide our service delivery to our clients in Nigeria and the sub-saharan Africa. It has quality assurance to the utmost standards at its core.

It provides answers to the following frequently asked questions:

• What Is A Digital School Management System?.

• Who develops it, who integrates it, who uses it?.

• At what stage of management is a digital school management system required?.

• What does my school benefit from it? What does the programming company benefit from it?.

• What do educational consultants benefit from it?

• What school owners need to know and do.

• What developers need to know and do.

• What managers or consultants need to know and do.

• How to fight school owners/manger competitors.

• Overcoming power challenges.

• Overcoming parents and teachers reluctance to adapt.

E-Book can be downloaded here

Digital school mgt.

Use the best school Management. software to enhance your efficiency

Improved learning

Thousands of e-learning materials available for free

Global relevance

LightGates EducationalTM can be deployed by any school anywhere in the world.

Africa’s #1

A breakthrough in digital school management.

LightGates EducationalTM is available in multiple versions. We are committed to giving your school the best.

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