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Smart Features

We have taken time to outline the most vital features to help you run your school smoothly.

Administrative Management

Administrative Management

Have an overview of student and staff activities, inventory and financial transactions, generate all reports instantly, from anywhere you are.

Student Management

Swift access to all and particular record, grades, schedules, parents information etc. for both current students and alumni.

Calendar & Event Scheduling

Schedule a wide range of activities and events and receive timely notifications on previously -scheduled activities.

School Classes

Configure and manage multiple classes and arms according to your school’s unique structure.

Finance Management

A secured financial module that streamlines operating and tracking of school finance report.

Administrative Management

Teachers Management

Monitor class activities, student’s attendance, assessments, and grading. Teaching has never been this stress-free!

Report Cards

Customize your report cards according to your school’s grading criteria and generate reports.

Homework Management

Assign, track & evaluate homework of every student with defined due dates, subject notes, and resources and instantly share with students.

Grading & Assessment

This platform creates a flexible format for computing and assigning grades. Is gives parents on identifiable patterns of progress of student groups and individuals.

Attendance Management

Generate weekly, monthly and termly attendance reports for both staffs and students.

Teachers Management
Teachers Management
Parents/Students Management

Parents/Students Management

Be actively involved and informed on your child’s academic progress. Effortlessly monitor and stay updated on their progress and involvement in school activities.

Finance & Fees Payment

The convenience offered by this platform enables for easy payment of school fees, levies and student dues.

Results Tracking

Easily monitor the class activities, assessments and termly results of your child.

Personalised Alerts

Never miss out on any information by also receiving custom alerts on school activities schedules and school meetings.

Academic Progress

know your child’s performances and control activities including subjects, classes and school sections.

Parents/Students Management

A quick view on our system features

Relevant features to help in the efficient management of the school system.

Lightsgates Dashboard

LightGates Educational Dashboard


Online School Fees Payment


Students Profile


Teachers Profile

Uploading School Result

Uploading School Result


Student Online Result


Schedule Events With In-Built Calendar


Creation Of School Fees To Be Paid By Students

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