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Software Documentation

Lightgates Educational is an educational software that sees to student, teacher and school management. The software is two thronged and interfaces between students who use the software for academic and informational purposes, and teachers who use the software to schedule class activities including giving assignments, taking records of student attendance, marking scripts and sharing of media, thereby completely digitalizing the school environment. School proprietors use the software to pay and monitor staff activities

Administrative Management


  • School registration and verification
  • Add/update school session
  • Calendar
  • Add new teacher/view teacher log/delete/suspend
  • View assignments/projects
  • Create new fees
  • View payments (paid/outstanding)
  • Generate invoice for school fees payments
  • Generate monthly/termly payment invoice
  • Track payment history
  • De-activate feature for indebted students /auto-activate debt free accounts
  • Update school contacts
  • News update
  • Pay teachers
  • Upload image to gallery
  • Upload learning materials in pdf,docx,xls,ppt,jpeg formats
  • Faq
Administrative Management

Account types (users)

  • Registration/login
  • View documents
  • Submit documents
  • Chat
  • Share media

Teacher account

The teacher account has the following underwritten privileges.

  • Registration/login
  • View documents
  • Upload documents
  • Share files
  • Bulk message
  • Life chat

Admin account

The admin account manages all secondary accounts and has the following privileges.

  • Activation/de-activation of accounts
  • Account monitoring/tracking
  • File sharing
  • Document uploads
  • Life view of uploaded documents
Teachers Management


Lightgates software is a digital product of Schoolpal Technologies Ltd. A company that specializes in educational software production, management and procurement.

Parents/Students Management


The components of a software are its part that make the system which powers the software work. Lightgates Educational software has the following key components

Front-end dynamic web page

Front-end dynamic web page: the front-end is the user interface where a new user can interact directly with the application logic.

Lightgates has an interactive and intuitive web interface where new users can easily get acquainted with surface, the actions buttons are highly sensitive and lead to instant actions mostly powered by the javascript browser render engine saving the run around time for data engagements and supply from server.

Key buttons are equally spaced for easy distinction, with hover actions and tooltips for assistance in site navigation.

Action class buttons are segmented and grouped into secondary classes carefully designed and packed in a navigation drop-down that is unobtrusive enabling more features and functionalities to be enabled on the web application. Form verifications are on site to prevent cross site scripting and other forms of javascript manipulations that can put user data at risk. Each form input has its verification without a need for backend validation.

Site dependencies are minified to enable site load speed ensuring that users get information with little to no delay irrespective of ip/tcp.

Back-end I/O

The back-end is where application logic is handled before it is transported through the tcp via the osi model and displayed on the

user client device powered by a web browser that reads html css and javascript. The back-end is where all program logic are processed in a server that is connected to a network protocol. This server is configured using a back-end programming language of choice. lightgates backend is powered by php for all server logic, this includes form validation, document page processing, creation, sorting and editing of database, as well as the safe guarding of all user input through encrypted data .

All school data is stored in the database with a key unique per school head, used in extracting each schools data when presented with ID’s.


This component ensures the timely transmission of user data with reload. This is a component of lightgates to ensure that users don’t get interrupted due to actions that require server response

Parents/Students Management

Interim CEO

Coordinates activities of the start- up. Sets the agenda for the week, while also ensuring that individual weekly project targets are met. Represents the organization at functions and takes the final decision.

CTO (chief technology officer)

Ensures that new technology is successfully infused into the main product. Assigns teams with projects on continuous integration, versioning, and source maintenance, while following agile principles. Also ensures that product deadlines are met with a minimum viable product. Maintains a direct communication channel with the ceo.

Researcher/Pro/Chief Marketing Officer

Formulates marketing strategies for each new product. Ensures wide scale adaptability and product on-boarding of new product by client customers. Studies competition and formulates moat.

Application logic extras

  • New user registers with unique details that will be stored in the database and indexed
  • Information is validated by using front and backend parameters
  • Users can login using registration information
  • A new user then proceeds to request for services within the web app after selecting account type
Teachers Management
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